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About Us

Donna and Dale Latella are sisters who have been celebrating life and work in Upstate New York since 2000, when they became the owners of The Tepee, a gift shop located along State Route 20, midway between Cherry Valley and Sharon Springs. The Tepee, a 50-foot-tall structure, is celebrating over 60 years in business. The sisters are the third family owning The Tepee, and since 2005 the gift shop has been open year-round in order to satisfy their loyal customers.

Built in 1950, The Tepee has been and will always be a part of "Americana", harking back to the day of family vacations and roadside attractions. In the beginning it was primarily a souvenir shop for the Turnpike traveler, but today it offers a wide selection of merchandise for both travelers and local residents. Minnetonka Moccasins are very popular year-round, with special orders and shipping available. Native American handcrafted items continue to be essential to The Tepee tradition and include flutes, drums, pottery, jewelry and so much more. The gift shop is not limited to only Native items; there are also leather belts, wallets, candles, soaps, oils, greeting cards, crystals, statuary, music, books, clothing and an extensive selection of jewelry. The Tepee also strives to carry items that are made in the USA as well as locally.

Donna and Dale state, "It's quite remarkable to be here and be a part of The Tepee history. We do have many people coming back to the store after 20, 30, even after 50-plus years, and they are just amazed that it's still here. They tell us their Tepee stories, and it's great to give them back their childhood memories. It's the best part of owning the gift shop, seeing the smiles and the joy in our customers' eyes." New customers stop in, too, for the very first time, many of whom just live nearby and are quite impressed and pleasantly surprised by all the choices and excellent quality.

"We look forward to seeing all our familiar customers again, and we look forward to meeting new people as well." The Tepee hosts several events throughout the year, including a Native American Market Day and Customer Appreciation Day, so check out our event page for more information.

Come to The Tepee and Become Part of its History.